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Marty Lobdel Study Less Study Smart



Some guy from the comments:

It essentially breaks down to 7 main tips:

1. Break your studying down into chunked sessions - your ability to study diminishes after 25-30 minutes, so take breaks at these points to restore your effectiveness.

2. Create a dedicated study area - the context provided by your environment largely will determine your behavior, so design your study area to encourage actual studying.

3. Study actively - there's a difference between actual recollection and simple recognition (I thought this was possibly the best point he made in the lecture). Recognition requires a cue or trigger, and you don't get that in a test. So study by quizzing yourself instead of just looking over highlighted sections of your book or notes.

4. Take smart notes in class - expand on them ASAP after class to boost your initial learning.

5. Summarize or teach what you learn - It'll help you pinpoint gaps in your understanding because you're unable to gloss over things.

6. Use your textbook effectively - use the SQ3R Method (Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review). Honestly I think trying to stick to the system is cumbersome but using individual parts of it as needed is effective.

7. Use mnemonics to study facts - acronyms, coined sayings, and image associations can help you remember information easier than rote studying.

Also, one other thing he said that really stuck out to me:

"If it doesn't change your behavior, you haven't learned it."

Anyway, there's a 6-minute summary video on my channel with links to my full notes if you don't have the time for the whole lecture - but I do think it's a fantastic lecture to watch if you do have the time. I put it at 1.5x speed and it was still easy to follow.

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