Simple Skill Method


Simplified version of the getting started page's skill method



  • Choose Skill
  • Find project to either work on or towards
  • If working towards
    • add project under goal part of your skills path and goals projects on your user page
    • pick a skill element and exercise
    • Review past notes on what needed improving
    • Do the exercise
    • Do a thinking session and post it to your wordpress
  • if working on a project, post on your wordpress what you're doing, what you'll get out of it, and how you'll do it.
    • review resources & steps
    • gather materials and do it.
    • post results
      • review
      • the quality of your results 1-10
      • difficulty 1-10
      • Upload your work files and link them to your post.
      • On your path page for that skill fill in the table.
      • Copy this to the bottom of the project or exercise page as well.
      • Look at other people's work to see how you could do better next time?

Tips and Tricks


User Name Date Difficulty Quality of Results Value to You Method Comments Suggested changes Link to post
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