Daily Method 1.0


This is the core of using everything from the Getting Started Page, and assumes you've already set everything up.

Using this method is the first habit you want to develop if you intend to use this wiki.

Its purpose is to collect data on your day to day activities and general emotions, as well as provide a framework for using skills, habits, methods, and projects.


Daily Method Copy-pastable
Daily Method 1.5
Weekly Method


At the end of the day

  • Open Wordpress and create an empty post, then paste this into it for simplicity.
  • write a single paragraph summary of what happened today.
  • Which tasks did you not complete?
  • What happened today that worked really well?
  • What went poorly today?
  • How could you have done better today?
  • Review your tasks (via todo list or however else you keep track of what needs doing! This system doesn't dictate that.)
  • Review your goals and goal projects for the next steps (On your user page!)
  • State what tasks, projects, or exercises you intend to complete tomorrow. (Improve a skill perhaps?)
  • Mark the 3 most important, and do those first.
  • type your metrics up - don't actually wait for the emails.
  • If you're working on any habits
    • note your impressions including changes that may make it more effective. What's hurting efficiency? Where could it be bolstered?
    • If you're failing often, perhaps make a change?
    • If you've gone 30 days doing your habit (perhaps with failures, or 30 straight days of success? Depends on your preferences)
      • review your posts and look over your metrics.
      • if there has been clear improvement in the areas you care about, then keep at it!
        • Otherwise drop the habit and find something more useful
      • If it is unclear, possibly apply statistics to your data and see if there is a trendline?
      • Either way, go to the habit's page and fill out the table at the bottom
      • Look for a new metric you want to improve and choose a new habit to try
    • If you've been unsuccessful in your habit, review your posts and see if it is worth trying again, but differently.
  • How are you going to do better tomorrow?
  • Thoughts?
  • Copy tasks & do-better-tomorrow to your todo for tomorrow

At the start of the next day

  • Review your post from last night about which tasks to complete, and then do them.

Tips and Tricks


User Name Date Difficulty Quality of Results Value to You Method Comments Suggested changes Link to post
Regex 9/26/15 4 6 3 Helped identify my issues, but I'm not convinced it did so better than merely writing down issues as they cropped up. Streamline, fix habit section Summary of my first week using it
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