Skills Introduction





Skills method: (I suggest reading this once or twice to get it down and then using the simplified method below)

  • Go to skills, pick the skill you want to improve and create a path page to log your progress in that skill.
  • Choose a project you want to work towards- either you can choose from the project list or make one up yourself. Surely there is some utility you're intending to obtain or reason you want to build this skill?
  • Add the project to your path page under goals
  • If you're not ready for the project yet
    • Choose the skill element you want to improve next
      • if there is no skill element list then Deconstruct The Skill yourself
      • If no such exercise exists, then Create An Exercise specifically to build your skill element
      • State in posts that you're working on the skill, what you're doing and how you'll improve.
  • if you are ready for the project then on wordpress account post that you’re working on your skill. Mention the project you’re starting on, what you'll get out of doing it, and how you intend to accomplish it!
  • On the project or exercise page, review the resources and steps to know what you're shooting for.
    • review your past notes if any. What did you say needed improving, and how are you going to do that this time?
  • Gather your materials (if any) and try it.
  • Add your results to your posts:
    • a review of your efforts:
      • Look at the material again and compare it to your work.
      • What did you do well?
      • What did you do poorly?
      • How could you have done it better?
      • barriers to starting and success?
    • the quality of your results 1-10
    • difficulty 1-10
    • value of this to you +- 1-10 (If this is an exercise, this is skill element change, if it is a project then it is satisfaction of accomplishment)
    • Upload your work files and link them to your post.
      • If you're an artist then take a picture. If a coder then upload your code files
      • I suggest dropbox or mediafire for this. Somewhere that is going to remain stable.
        • You may even want to create a separate dropbox account if you're the type of person to clean yours out with any regularity. We want these to be available for a long time
      • If you can't upload them right now then archive them somewhere safe. This will help other people.
    • On your path page for that skill fill in the table. Copy this to the bottom of the project or exercise page as well. (You should be able to directly copy-paste and replace project/exercise name with your username
    • Look at other people's work to see how you could do better next time?

Simple Skill Method

Tips and Tricks


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