Real Time Task Notes


A system for gathering information and feedback in real time



This can be done in any medium: with pencil and paper, or in a tabbed text editor. Whatever suits you best!

  • Create a column for each of the following:
    • Effective - things that worked well
    • Ineffective - things that worked poorly
    • Thoughts - anything that crosses your mind which may not be relevant
    • Interruptions - anything that would make you change tasks
  • Write down things as you work for each column
    • This will allow you to get real data on what did/didn't work and why
    • Trusting your memory after the fact is bad
  • Weekly summary: Collect the notes via weekly method 2.0

Tips and Tricks

You may want to combine 'effective' and 'ineffective' into 'results' and use the form "Tried X expecting Y. Z Happened."


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