Daily Method 1.5


This is the core of using everything from the Getting Started Page, and assumes you've already set everything up.

Using this method is the first habit you want to develop if you intend to use this wiki.

Its purpose is to collect data on your day to day activities and general emotions, as well as provide a framework for using skills, habits, methods, and projects.


Daily Method 1.5 Copy-pastable
Thinking Sessions 1.5
Weekly Method 1.5
Daily Method 2.0


At the end of the day

  • Open Wordpress and create an empty post, then paste this into it
  • If it has been a week since you last did the weekly method, do it again.

At the start of the next day

  • Review your post
    • How to do better today
    • Which tasks to complete

Tips and Tricks


User Name Date Difficulty Quality of Results Value to You Method Comments Suggested changes Link to post
Regex 10/5/15 2 7 2 Definitely an improvement over 1.0, but I very quickly moved past it onto 2.0.
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