"But the real question is, do you want to be there when the world ends, struck by the sudden realization that maybe, possibly, you could have done something to help?"


utility of each category

Current rough plan

Next steps:

  • We should extract the links slowly, testing them along the way. That will ensure we aren’t just going through the motions and are actually making use of the material. This will help us identify how to make extractions actually valuable. Extract one thing, test it, move on.
  • Get the machinery behind skills system up and running properly
  • setup resource extraction/testing
  • Experiments
  • trying out RTTN (daniel74f)
  • get everything ready such that we can actually get new people without feeling woefully unprepared
  • Definitely should keep a general list of unextracted but pertinent resources, a list of experiments and other things to try.
  • Maybe a giant list of all of the experiments and tests, sorted by topic, utility of other users, and expected utility based on guessing.
  • One could search through this list for utilities that they desire, try the ones which have the greatest expected utility, input their own data and move on testing each of them in turn

Things to complete before getting new members

  • need general list of resources and a tested getting started guide
  • skill machinery up properly in intuitive way: skill paths to not suck
  • make the wiki more secure …but how to balance that with letting people edit stuff…? Mods probably

What are we going to do once we have more members?

  • group projects?
  • exploration and extraction of many resources
  • expansion of skills and skill paths to follow
  • experiments
  • general overall strategies
  • systems will become more refined

Top priority

  • Create extraction & testing methods: Go through this, extracting on resource at a time and testing it
  • Create general skill methods: Regex bike & more
  • bring in random interested members and have them look at the site to see where it sucks ass. Repeat until site is effective and awesome

Mid priority

  • secure wiki from vandalism (possibly require invite for joining?)
  • test getting started guide
  • need some method of showing off all of the resources we do create in an intuitive manner
  • start doing experiments

Low priority

  • System for social encouragement of goals (beeminder? goal buddies?) - reviewing profiles and posts, communication of intent and progress.
  • ask Gwern about experiments/data collection methods
  • Extract resources
  • Research other approaches to self improvement
  • Figure out goal setting in a more meta larger sense: this should take center stage perhaps? Probably something with wordpress or other tools? Something social.
  • fill habits list with all sorts of supposedly good ideas (perhaps a few from the Table of Contents or self-development websites?)
  • try a few 30 day experiments via lesswrong (multiple techniques/variations on a single technique?) Could be an advertising method to get people interested?
  • deconstruct this and see where we have left to go into becoming a proper dojo

Very Low

  • Wikidot forum?
  • Announcements on #Lesswrong #slatestarcodex and, LW study hall

Regex's todo:

  • Daily Method development
  • Skill Method development

daniel74f's todo:

earendilscomet's todo:

  • Improve social skills to a neo-Trump level
  • Confront mortality

Doctor Nightmares's todo:

  • Laugh evilly
  • Inject nightmares into website, in the least expected places
  • Sleep, then come back and work on this todo list

Pages lacking in content

pages that need editing

pages that need extraction of materials


orphaned pages

ravenclaw A small collection of materials I'd gathered for freenode's ##ravenclaw, but that channel never went anywhere.



Getting new users

Anouncing on

Other means

SPAM? :p


Creating discussion forums. Does the site support them?

Regex says: yes, but I hate forums and so if you want to that's okay, but my stuff will use google docs instead.

Does the wiki have an export feature? If we get anything useful going, are we locked in?

It seems there are some options but they're a PITA to actually execute (forum posts, page history and maybe even formatting information would likely be lost if someone doesn't put some serious effort in migration scripts etc, even assuming that the target would be the open source version of the wiki engine used by the site).

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