Weekly Method 1 5


Used once a week to clarify problems collected from daily method.




  • Compile changes suggested
  • Gather all suggestions and strategies
  • Problem/solution pairs
  • Either keep the habit, or revert to best
  • Choose a new habit to try
  • Make a post detailing the problem/solutions and habit changes.
  • Add data for the specific habit
  • If you're working on any habits
  • If you're failing often, perhaps make a change?
  • If you've gone 30 days doing your habit (perhaps with failures, or 30 straight days of success? Depends on your preferences)
    • review your posts and look over your metrics.
    • if there has been clear improvement in the areas you care about, then keep at it!
      • Otherwise drop the habit and find something more useful
    • If it is unclear, possibly apply statistics to your data and see if there is a trendline?
    • Either way, go to the habit's page and fill out the table at the bottom
    • Look for a new metric you want to improve and choose a new habit to try
  • If you've been unsuccessful in your habit, review your posts and see if it is worth trying again, but differently.

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