Instrumentalists - Us!

Possible leads

Hplus magazine
CFAR - really need to talk to people here about anything and everything
Tumblr rationalists
Twitter rationalists


##kenning - explanation "If it's useful, do it. If not, don't."
here are all of their resources (at least, that’s all I found in their status)

#lesswrong - main chatroom for Ask question to get smart and logical answers making this a very powerful resource for immediate external brain power.

#lw-instrumental - Us!


#slatestarcodex - smart people in the same vein as lesswrong, but in a slightly different vector.


LW study hall password 'lw' this is primarily pomodoros

CFAR- With a focus on cognitive science, but unfortunately mostly physically based.
suggested reading rationality habits videos

Rationalist Blogs:
Jolly Bard

Rationalist Tumblrs:

Physically based:

CFAR’s workshops

LW Meetups?

Possibly start local clubs focused on the instrumental side of things with select things from the Sequences? Eh… seems like giving people our collected methods to follow and ability to post their progress on the internet should be a much better use of everyone’s time.

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