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After about four months I realized that this was a very suboptimal structure, and I'd gone down too many wrong paths in pursuit of the idea I had for this place. The ideas for skills and policies for oneself can't be easily implemented with a wiki structure. I've pruned it back a lot and am instead focusing on compiling and restructuring other people's content. Much easier than rediscovering it for myself. I'll leave this site up in case anyone wants to see a very partial idea. This is where everything of value is now.

You’re struggling with akrasia. 
You have insight into your condition. 
You pity people who don’t even know to call it “akrasia”. 
You have not done anything in months.

What's this about

The Instrumental Rationality wiki is a general resource for instrumenal utility. We are exploring productivity information and figuring out what is useful. We are compiling techniques and information to help people reach their goals.

We are mostly users coming from Lesswrong, with a particular interest in applying rationality to everyday life and empirically measuring the results of doing it. See What Do We Mean By "Rationality"?

Our current focuses are:

  • generally improving productivity, health, wealth, and power
  • effective decision making
  • finding a general cure for akrasia & procrastination

In the long term we want to actually get stuff done. We will do that by improving your general problem solving ability, effectiveness at completing projects and learning skills. We are creating a general framework for self-improvement to hone the ability to train people.

We are refining, gathering, and inventing the tools to determine that is worth doing and how best to do that. This is our endgame.

Getting Started

Getting Started

send any complaints, ideas or suggestions to moc.liamg|tsilanoitarxeger#moc.liamg|tsilanoitarxeger

Table of Contents

Pages - list of all pages on the wiki

Most Interesting Pages/best articles

Things Regex has been working on which probably will provide value to others
Extracted Resources
Effective Study Methods Study
Habit Change is Like Chess Summary
Getting Things Done Summary
Daily Method
Daily Method 1.5
Simple Skill Method
Instrumental Rationality

Epistemic Rationality applied to everyday life

Epistemic Rationality is having beliefs that reflect reality in an accurate way.

Lesswrong sequences most likely to be useful

(For example, we would exclude from the list stuff talking about AI (in most cases) and quantum-anything.)

Applying Decision Theory in everyday life

(or how to apply instrumental rationality)

Performance and productivity

Basic physiological needs

Fitness and sports

Technology Hacks

Generally useful resources

  • Tor Project: For browsing anonymously, accessing things blocked in your country, and accessing Dark Net Markets (very slow though)
  • Hardware hacking

Personal finance/investing


Current base of operations while we figure out what we're even doing with this place

Other stuff

wikidot handbook! For everything I don't know how to do.

sandbox <- for trying random wiki stuff

default starting page stuff people might care about

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